Back from the Archie Bray 60th Anniversary Gala

This was my favorite piece at the Archie Bray

Toms favorite piece on display at the Bray Center

This piece by Kelly Garret Rathbone was my favorite from the shows at the Archie Bray over the 60th Anniversary gala. The event was seminal on many levels and a memorable time for me. I returned home a different and better person/potter fromĀ  all of the demonstrations, lectures, discussions and celebrations. There is something special happening in ceramics right now and the Archie Bray Center had and has a hand in it. This piece I selected as my favorite sums up the spectrum of the weekend experiences with the sculptural and vessel combination. It was significant to me because it demonstrates a sense of the squares and circles of the ceramics world together as one. The weekend was one of the greatest ceramics experiences of my life.

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